Welcome to Pluto

Pluto is on a mission to solve the challenges of today’s blockchain applications using applied cryptography.

The core problems that onchain application developers face today — awful onboarding UX, weak sybil-resistance mechanisms (opens in a new tab), lack of privacy, and reliance solely on native blockchain data — limits the innovation that application developers can apply to their onchain applications. It is our objective at Pluto to uncover these problems, identify the best solutions given the technology of today, and to deploy solutions to these problems at scale.

To start, we’ve introduced Web Proofs. Web Proofs combine powerful cryptography like multi-party computation and ZKPs to unlock verifiable access to existing Web2 data sources.

Who is the audience for these docs?

This documentation is intended for developers that are incorporating Web Proofs into their onchain applications. These docs will assume some degree of technical knowledge; however, no advanced knowledge of cryptography is required to incorporate Web Proofs into onchain applications.

What can you find in these docs?

Prior to the launch of our SDKs to testnet (June 2024), these docs will contain high-level introductory information to Pluto, Web Proofs, and the Web Proofs SDKs, as well as some demonstrations of Web Proofs.

After our June 2024 product launch, these docs will be standard supporting documentation for the usage of our core products.

Where to get help?

If you want to sign up for early access to the Pluto SDK, sign up for SDK early access here (opens in a new tab). We’re offering product/design support to serious partners.

If you want to get in touch with the Pluto team directly, join the community Telegram group at this link (opens in a new tab).