Web Proofs

Web Proofs

What are Web Proofs?

Web Proofs are a type of zero-knowledge proof ('ZKP'). Specifically, Web Proofs are ZKPs of arbitrary data served to end users by any internet server.

Examples of Web Proofs include:

  • A proof that you fit into some identity class, like ‘people that live in Florida’ or 'certified professionals in a specific field', without revealing personal details
  • A proof that you have some badge, item, or accomplishment in a certain online game
  • A proof that you received a certain type of email from a certain sender
  • A proof that you reached a certain rating within a service or platform without disclosing the personal details of your interaction on these services
  • A proof that a specific condition or threshold was met in a data set without revealing individual data points
  • A proof of educational achievements or certifications

When a Web Proof is created, it can be verified onchain or independently offchain. Verifying a Web Proof provides certain guarantees about the underlying data that is being verified; you can think about Web Proofs as combining a proof that some internet data exists with a proof of that data's integrity.

Why are Web Proofs important?

ZKPs generally are an incredibly expressive tool for developers and using ZKPs effectively unlocks interesting design spaces for application developers.

Web Proofs are one specific type of ZKP. In our opinion, Web Proofs are the most interesting type of ZKP for application developers building onchain applications today. Web Proofs let developers transfer trust from arbitrary internet servers into a smart contract (with a few short-term trust assumptions (opens in a new tab)).

Web Proofs, which bring offchain data onchain, represent the best chance at breaking down the data silos of Web2. They are also robust, interesting tools for application developers.

How can we use Web Proofs?

We want to make applied cryptography accessible to developers across the world. We are building Web Proofs SDKs that make it easy to add verifiable internet data into onchain applications.

The Pluto SDKs will launch on testnet in June.

We are offering product / design support to potential partners, so if you're considering incorporating Web Proofs into your onchain application, please reach out (opens in a new tab). We will be in touch within 24 hours of your outreach.