Logins via mobile apps

Web Proofs for Logins via Mobile App

The Attest application allows users to generate Web Proofs. Web Proofs, a term coined by Pluto, are mathematical proofs that preserve user anonymity, security, and privacy over internet data. User can privately and verifiably demonstrate certain characteristics, such as their follower count on a social media application, without exposing personal information.

By scanning a QR code, users are redirected to the mobile app, which captures session cookies temporarily to generate these proofs. Application developers can verify these proofs and incorporate the verified characteristics into their own application flows. This process ensures that user data remains within their device, maintaining privacy and security while enabling developers to unlock features based on verified information.

Generating Web Proofs for logins via the Attest mobile app involves a multi-party TLS request, the participation of a client-side Prover, a trusted Notary Server, and an independent Zero-Knowledge Verifier.

Try it out ...

Install the Pluto Attest iOS app with Testflight (Apple service to beta test applications), then select a client and scan the resulting QR code with your phone to continue to our mobile application.

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